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Transform Your Mind
so you can live an
Extraordinary Life

"Sometimes the hardest part of the journey
is believing you're worth the trip."

Glenn Beck

My Beliefs


Precedes Reality

This means that upgrading your reality requires you to understand HOW you see the world, WHAT you believe about yourself, and WHY this is so. 

As human beings, we often internalise blame for bad things that happen. We’re all vulnerable to the illusion of control – thinking we have more influence over uncontrollable events than we actually do – because it helps us make sense of the world.

But this instinct can damage our perceived identity and limit beliefs about ourselves. 

The long term consequence of this?

Perceiving yourself as someone who’s broken and unable to change, living in a world which fights you every step of the way.

But what if you could update your beliefs about yourself, others, and the world?

What if it isn’t hopeless?

What if reality was simply a projection of your internal world?

This would mean your reality could change, evolve, & flourish as soon as your internal model did…

This would mean the only thing needed to unlock an extraordinary life was to look inward!

"The eye sees only what the mind is
prepared to comprehend."

Robertson Davies

My Story

I became a psychologist and mind coach as a result of my own experience with feeling low, worthless, and stuck.

My mum began a long battle with alcoholism when I was 13.

Over the next decade my life was turned upside down.

My childhood was over and it felt like everything certain in life was destroyed, including my sense of self.

So I did what anyone experiencing trauma does – internalise the blame and repress my emotions.

“WHY did my mum start drinking? There must be something wrong with me…”

“And WHY wouldn’t she give up? I must be worthless…”

I directed the hurt and anger inward, learned to wear a smile, and got on with life.

David Bowen Davies Time To Actualise Mind Coach About Page

A few years later...

David Bowen Davies Time To Actualise Life Coach About Page

I was accepted into a top UK university, graduated with Honours, and progressed into a sought after Master of Research programme.

But the problem with low self-worth is it tricks you into believing you’re useless. Not only did I scrutinise my short-comings, but I was convinced that every success was a lucky break.

“Surely people will find out I’m a fraud soon…”

My mental health declined and I developed an eating disorder and depression.

I forgot what joy and purpose felt like, isolated myself from friends and family, and dropped out of University.

What was the point? I didn’t want to die but I couldn’t see a future anymore.

At this very low point, I knew I had a choice to make.

As I couldn’t change the world around me, I knew this choice was to change from within or to end it.

So I made a choice – I was going to heal. 

I was going to start living an extraordinary life!

My New Reality

I sought help, received coaching, learned, practised, grew, and started thriving again. I started to see the links between what happened, what I believed about myself, how this influenced my perception of reality, and how my perception had been preventing transformational change. 

Fast forward to now and I’m a qualified coach and psychologist. 

I own a beautiful home. 

I live with the woman of my dreams. 

I’ve reconnected with friends and family. 

I run a successful and growing business which helps people transform and realise their version of an extraordinary life. 

And best of all – I feel more passion, purpose, and joy in every day than I ever imagined was possible before.

It’s funny what a change of perspective can do to your reality!

And it all started at rock bottom with a decision to welcome uncertainty in the pursuit of change. 

David Bowen Davies Time To Actualise Life Coach About

Your New Reality

I know that everything you need to transform is already within you. 

And I know the future isn’t limited by what happened to you – only by your perception of yourself and the world as a result of what happened. 

Are you ready to truly understand your psychological blocks and see your self-imposed limitations from a new perspective?

Are you eager to align your perception with a bigger, brighter, more exciting future?

Are you ready to step into your extraordinary life?


Life Changing Transformations

In such a short time, my mindset has shifted completely. My self-confidence and sense of self-worth have improved more than I ever thought possible, 

and overall I’m much happier and more content. It sounds rather cliché but working with David has quite literally changed my life.

Becky Testimonial Lossy


David’s skill lies not only in his knowledge but in how he is able to read and understand people. His unique coaching process has helped me completely change how I see myself and the world. It’s hard to describe how David has changed my life, but working with him is without doubt one of the best decisions I have ever made.



David’s emotional intelligence, together with his expert knowledge, pragmatic approach, and genuine interest has helped me to gain insight into how many of my previous ways of thinking were limiting me. There has been a subtle but profound paradigm shift that allows me to make better decisions and live a more fulfilled existence.

Viv Testimonial Lossy