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Psychologist &
Mind Coach.

Unlock an extraordinary life by removing your internal barriers blocking change.

"Perception is a mirror, not a fact.
And what I look on is my state of mind, reflected outward."

Ralph Waldo Emerson

About Me

I'm David

I’m on a mission to show you

that you aren’t stuck. Change

is possible once you believe

you’re capable & deserving.

I used to feel trapped & hopeless

(you’ll see once you read on),

but then I discovered a path to transformational change.

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Why Belief Matters

Belief bridges the void between current reality & possibility. It opens the door to an extraordinary life – a future far brighter than your present self can even comprehend. 

The Coaching Process

David Bowen Davies Actualise Coaching Programme Process

Regulate your Nervous System

Transformational change occurs when you think, feel, and behave in ways that are aligned with your vision of your ideal future self. This can’t happen until your body feels safe and your awareness is consistently grounded in the present moment. 

Clarify your Extraordinary Vision

Lots of people are unfulfilled or unhappy with their lives but have never verbalised what they would like to have happen instead… Here we do just that.

Reintegrate Emotional Memories

From a place of felt psychological safety, we look back at events that have shaped your feelings, thoughts, and actions to date. This unlocks understanding, acceptance, and, most importantly, clears the mental space required to nurture growth.

Shift your Perceptions

Understanding the links between “then” and “now” clears the path to your future self. Now you’ll learn how perception precedes your reality. Are you ready to discover all those opportunities for transformational growth?

Build Self-Confidence

Now you feel balanced. You see yourself and the world from a different perspective. It’s time to use your new skills to unlock inner peace, and realise your true potential. This is where you start living your extraordinary life!

Life Changing Transformations

In such a short time, my mindset 

has shifted completely. My self-confidence and sense of self-worth have improved more than I ever thought possible, and overall I’m

much happier and more content. 

It sounds rather cliché but working with David has quite literally

changed my life.

Becky Testimonial Lossy


David’s skill lies not only in his knowledge but in how he is able to read and understand people. His unique coaching process has helped me completely change how I see myself and the world. It’s hard to describe how David has changed my life, but working with him is without doubt one of the best decisions I have ever made.



David’s emotional intelligence, together with his expert knowledge, pragmatic approach, and genuine interest has helped me to gain insight into how many of my previous ways of thinking were limiting me. There has been a subtle but profound paradigm shift that allows me to make better decisions and live a more fulfilled existence.

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